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Alba Rodriguez

March 16, 2023

March 16, 2023

Finishes are crucial in the industry to improve product quality, reliability, and safety. At PAVCO®, we provide a complete line of finishes suitable for numerous coatings that meet your needs. The increasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has led to concerns about the use of cobalt, which has been identified as a substance of very high concern (SVHC) in REACH regulations.

Cobalt is used in some alloy deposits and high-performance trivalent chromium passivates to
provide better corrosion protection and a blue color for clear passivates. However, due to the
volatility of the cobalt market and growing regulatory concerns, PAVCO® has developed a
comprehensive line of Co-free passivates to provide effective alternatives.

Let's take a closer look at some of our Co-free passivate options.

HyProTec™ LD

HyProTec™ LD provides customers a top-notch cobalt-free solution that meets performance and aesthetic requirements under various conditions. It also has superior baking characteristics compared to HyProTec™.

We are introducing HyProTec™ LD, PAVCO’s newest and most advanced product designed to deliver high performance while being cobalt free. This trivalent passivate can be used over both zinc and zinc-nickel plating. This cutting-edge solution works exceptionally well with existing HyProCoat™ chemistries, surpassing other coating combinations in performance.

With similar salt spray testing results as our industry leader HyProTec™, HyProTec™ LD outperforms it by up to 50% with a topcoat. It has improved synergy with existing HyProCoat™ chemistries, offering superior performance compared to competitive coating combinations.

HyProTec™ LD
provides customers with a top-notch cobalt-free solution that meets performance and aesthetic requirements under various conditions.

HyProTec™ 291

Another Co-free option is HyProTec™ 291. Which will exceed 72 hours to white corrosion on zinc-plated parts and 240 hours to white corrosion over zinc-nickel-plated parts without using a topcoat.

HyProTec 291 offers a rich blue appearance and can be baked without degradation of corrosion resistance.

HyPro™ 88

HyPro™ 88 is another Co-free passivate solution that performs similarly to traditional cobalt-based products. With this product, you can expect 48 hours of white corrosion on zinc-plated parts (8-micron avg. thickness) in Neutral Salt Spray.

HyProBlack™ 3000 CF

Lastly, HyProBlack™ 3000 CF is another example of PAVCO’s commitment to finding innovative solutions that meet industry needs.

This black trivalent passivate can achieve dark deposits over alkaline zinc-plated parts. The use of a HyProCoat™ topcoat is needed to protect the delicate nature of a black passivate film. PAVCO® offers a reliable alternative that provides the same level of performance as cobalt-based products.

As you can see, PAVCO® offers a range of CO-free trivalent passivates with different finishes, providing customers with other options for various coatings. Contact a Technical Service Representative or browse our website to learn more about PAVCO’s products.



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