Freezable Product List

As we approach the winter season, we would like to remind our customers of the Pavco products that are vulnerable to freezing.

Listed directly below are products that should never be allowed to freeze. These products may not be recovered if frozen. Unfortunately, there is no way to provide heated service when shipping by ocean. Therefore, our foreign partners should consider ordering enough material in the fall months to maintain adequate stock through the coldest winter months.

If you order these items during the colder months, Pavco will not share in the financial loss if the products freeze, rendering them useless.

Apex Carrier 5X (ZB1423C)HyProCoat 437 (NC437)
Antifoam E-10 (FR200)HyProCoat 455PH (NC455PH)
Clean-R-90LS (CR90LS)HyProCoat 570 (NC570)
Clean-R-90LSE (CR90LSE)Pavcoat 500 (PC500)
Clean-R- 90X (CR90X)Legacy Starter (ZB1420)
HyProCoat 638D (NC638E)Merlin Starter (ZB1533)
HyProCoat 530 (NC530)Merlin Starter 5X (ZB1533C)
HyProCoat 330 (NC330)Pavcoat TTF810 (CIS810)
HyProCoat 330CA (NC330CA)UV-DY Liquid (DYUVLIQ)
HyProCoat 330CB (NC330CB)Ziron Starter (FE300)
Alk2v3 Starter (ZB1400)HyProAdd HPB (ZC1433HPB)
HyProCoat 630 (NC630)Blaze Zinc Starter(ZB1440)
HyProCoat 638 No UV (NC638NUV)

The above items will have a sticker on the containers stating PROTECT FROM FREEZING DAMAGE MAY OCCUR IF THIS PRODUCT IS FROZEN.

All other liquid Pavco products, if allowed to freeze, must be thawed and stirred, or heated to 120° - 130° F and stirred before using. These products will be perfectly effective if recovered using these procedures.

Please make a note of these products listed and plan appropriately to avoid problems in the coming winter. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.