HyPro Post-Plate

The PAVCO® Compliant Chemistry division markets and manages one of the industries most comprehensive and prominent lines of technologies meant to meet the ever-increasing list of compliant chemistry directives for post plate. For help on which compliant chemistry is right for your operation, please contact a PAVCO® Technical Service Representative here or browse below to learn more about our products.

Clear/Blue Bright
HyProTec is a high performance, trivalent chromate that will provide over 120 hours of corrosion resistance to white salts per ASTM B 117 to electroplated zinc.
HyProTec 1010 Automotive
HyProTec 1010 Automitive is a high performance trivalent passivate for zinc electrodeposits. In addition to automotive cyclical requirements, HyProTec 1010 will provide over 120 hours of corrosion resistance to electrodeposited zinc per ASTM B 117.
HyProBlack 2020
HyProBlack 2020 is a trivalent black passivate for use over chloride, alkaline or alloyed zinc that provides 120 hours to white corrosion when sealed with HyPro 200, HyPro 250 or HyProCoat Black S. HyProBlack 2020 easily slides into your current chromating operation, has wide operating parameters and runs at a higher non-destructive pH range while imparting a glossy, uniform, deep black color.
HyProTri Yellow
HyProTri Yellow is a two component, single dip trivalent yellow chromate.
Top Coats and Seals
HyPro 200
Hypro 200 is a secondary passivation for use over all Pavco® 's trivalent chromates.
HyProCoat 320
HyProCoat 320 is a non-chrome top coat for chromated electrodeposited zinc that meets the corrosion protection requirements of automotive specifications. With a uniform bright silver cosmetic appearance, HyProCoat 320 delivers less then 5% white rust after 250 hours of neutral salt spray when applied over HyProBlue and contains a UV tracer to show the presence of HyProCoat 320 on the processed work for added security.
HyProCoat 330
HyProCoat 330 is an organo-mineral finish designed to protect passivated zinc components from severe environments, such as the engine compartments and exterior of motorized vehicles. HyProCoat 330 can withstand repeated heating to 400°F and still retain its protective properties. HyProCoat 330 is also resistant to abrasion, scratching, and mechanical strain. The HyProCoat 330 finish is free from 'tears" and provides excellent ductility.
Lubes and Torque Modifiers
HyproCoat 437
HyProCoat 437 is an organo-mineral finish designed to protect chromated zinc components from severe environments, while yielding a decreasing coefficient of friction of 0.14 + 0.03.