Alloy Plating Systems

PAVCO® has emerged as one of the leading providers of alloy coatings meant to serve the numerous new directives instituted by manufacturers. For more information on our full line of Alloy technologies, please contact a PAVCO® Technical Service Representative here or browse below to learn more about our products.

Alloy Plating Systems
NiClipse C
Formulated from the same technology platform as NiClipse, NiClipse C is modified for use over cast substrates while still offering exceptional corrosion resistance, covering power and compatibility with clear, yellow or black chromates. NiClipse C will deliver fully bright deposits for both rack and barrel applications.
Ziniloy 3028
Ziniloy is an alkaline zinc/nickel plating process that deposits 12-15% nickel in the deposit. It offers an exceptional efficiency of 30% more than conventional processes, high corrosion-resistance and easy bath control due to its having a small number of additives. It demonstrates superior metal distribution and covering power. With low-stress and high ductility, the process is suitable for either rack or barrel plating, and even displays excellent results on difficult to plate parts. The high performance of Ziniloy allows the use of clear, yellow or black chromates. Chromated or passivated deposits retain excellent corrosion resistance, even after 24 hours at 250°F (120°C) tempering.
Ziron is a non-cyanide, alkaline zinc-iron alloy plating system. It provides 500-1,000 hours of salt spray protection. It exhibits excellent deposit distribution, bright finish and is highly cost effective.
Alloy Stripping
ZiNiStrip is specifically designed to effectively strip Zn/Ni alloy plating from steel substrates in a quicker manner, while eliminating common nickel smut that remains with typical stripping media. This efficient process results in a lowered overall concentration of acid required and is for use with both acid and chloride based zinc/nickel alloys. Click here to watch a video that demonstrates the effectiveness of ZiNiStrip.
Chrome Tools
Hex-A-Gone Complexor
Hex-A-Gone Complexor is used to maintain the salt balance in the solution. Hex-A-Gone Complexor should only be used as directed by Pavco technical personnel. Over or under use can introduce diverse plating issues.
Hex-A-Gone Extender
Hex-A-Gone Extender is an ancillary additive used in trivalent chrome solutions. It improves the throwing power of the solution. Hex-A-Gone Extender should be used sparingly as overuse will darken the deposit.
Hex-A-Gone Whitener
Hex-A-Gone Whitener is an ancillary agent used to maintain the unique color of the Hex-A-Gone deposit. Hex-A-Gone Whitener when overused, can cause a loss in deposition rate. It should only be used as directed by Pavco technical personnel.